The Web is Abuzz

The web is abuzz with 40/40/40!

Participants in over 50 Unitarian Universalist congregations in 30 U.S. states and at least two countries are celebrating. Check here to see if your congregation has registered, so that you get national credit and we can know how many congregations are participating—-and so we can sing your praises!

You may have seen that 40/40/40 was the top headline on for about a week–that story is a good one.

40/40/40 is considered an official event by the official Earth Day folks, and has been covered in the secular press in places like St. Louis, MO, Sierra Vista, AZ, and greater Boston, MA, as well as by a handful of newspapers that don’t have online editions.

But the real story is happening in congregations–check out this impressive 40/40/40 Calendar from the UU Church of Greater Bridgeport in Stratford CT—-and in Unitarian Universalist homes, as evidenced by almost daily updates on blogs like Ideal for Eating, UUCE 40 Days, The Geeky White Girl Grows Up, and Inspired Faith, Effective Action.

Where else have you seen 40/40/40 on the web?

Tell us your story so far, or part of your congregation’s story, in the comments—-we may just devote a blog entry to what you have to say!

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One Comment on “The Web is Abuzz”

  1. Mandy Neff Says:

    At First Parish in Cambridge, our Climate Action Task Force sponsored 40/40/40 within the congregation. Participants in our Religious Education program were encouraged to participate in one of the ideas for children and youth. My column in the June issue of the Meetinghouse News is about my own family’s experience of reducing packaging and saying grace at dinner. I can’t imagine we will stop doing either of these things after the 40 days are over; thank you for inspiring family conversation, spiritual practice, and permanent change.

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