What are People in Your Congregation Doing?

Happy Earth Day!

The 40/40/40 campaign is the top story on the UUA’s home page, and lots of folks from the UUA’s Advocacy and Witness and Washington Center are taking part, like the three excerpted below. What are folks in your congregation doing? Let’s hear it in the comments–and let us know if you have pictures or videos of your experience to share!

Orelia Busch
For the next forty days, and hopefully for the rest of my life, I will only eat meat that comes from farms with sustainable and humane practices, preferably located near where I live.  I want to know exactly where my meat is coming from and be assured that the animals I’m eating have not been pumped full of antibiotics and chemicals or lived under the conditions of factory farming, which is inhumane not only to the animals but also the workers involved.  Sometime during or after the forty days, I will probably expand these criteria to all animal products that I consume, but for now, I’ll start with meat.

Rob Keithan
I am going to only drinking fair trade coffee.  I think that will be challenging but not too challenging!

Rowan Van Ness
I’m going to say grace before each meal and be more mindful about and grateful for my food and the journey it takes from field to the table. I’m curious to see how taking a few moments each day to recognize all of the people; the sun, rain, and soil; the spirit of life—all involved in getting me the food I eat every day—changes my relationship with food and decisions around what I eat.

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4 Comments on “What are People in Your Congregation Doing?”

  1. Susan Eakins Says:

    A member of the UU Fellowship of Missoula,MT and 40/40/40 participant. We are also a UUAM Chapter.
    On April 22nd, went to Helena, MT to an HSUS sponsored: Lobby for the Animals workshop.
    It was held at the state capital building.
    A complimentary Vegan lunch was served to participants, very tasty and as a vegan I was very appreciative.
    It was very helpful to refresh oneself with facts and good advice about writing, phoning and even appearing at a public testimony event for an animal-helping bill, whether at a State or local level, or at a Fed level.

  2. Tina Putney Says:

    I am having a great time reducing my purchases of items with packaging as much as possible. I know I’m savig money as well as “voting” for less packaging. I want to find a way to avoid plastic storage bags and plastic wrap, too. Any suggestions?

    Tina from UUFlint
    By the way, although we’re a smaller church we got over 40 pledges.
    People are already commenting on how they’re sticking to their commitments.

  3. Barry Zavah Says:

    Spearheaded by long-time UU, Maurine Pendleton’s Worship Service of April 18, 2010, “Earth Day 40/40/40” introduced the UUA’s 2010 Social Justice Project, “Ethical Eating”. Immediately after her presentation, at least 10 members of the 33 member Unitarian Universalists of the Big Bend lay led Fellowship in Alpine, TX, committed to follow-through on the Ethical Eating Sample Actions list.

    On Saturday, April 24, we participated in Alpine’s Earth Day Festival by selling native saplings, which volunteers “wrapped” the previous week following Maurine’s Service, then staffed the table at the Community Center and displayed our “40/40/40 for the Earth” poster.

    During the “announcements and discussion portion of our Native American Worship Service on Sunday, April 25, members shared their experience working with their particular ethical action selected the week before. We’re going to do continue doing that throughout the 40 day period of this project.

  4. Edna Weigel Says:

    We at Unitarian Universalist Church of Southeastern Arizona felt 40/40/40 was too brilliant an idea to keep within our congregation so we took it to each of two local Earth Day celebrations (Sierra Vista, Arizona and Bisbee, Arizona). In addition, although we are in favor of ethical eating, we felt Earth Day is about much more than just eating so we created our own list of suggested actions which included water conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction in addition to ethical eating. Because the local Earth Day celebrations were April 17 and April 24, we allowed the participants to choose which date to start their actions.
    So far, a total of 58 people have committed to a total of 242 actions and a few more are expected to trickle in from congregation members who, for one reason or another, didn’t sign up at the April 17 or April 25 services. A lot more people picked up the suggested changes handout than signed the commitment so we know we reached far more than 58 people with our information. While we realize some people may have misinterpreted the intent and put down actions they already do, we are hopeful that these commitments represent more than a few future habit changes.
    Our Social Events Coordinator plans a party some time in June at which everyone in the congregation will have a chance to report on their 40 days and enter a drawing for great prizes. One of our Religious Education instructors has agreed to help the children write a skit to illustrate how their food choices impact our planet to be performed by our Theater for All Ages.

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